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IntelliPDF CURVES - Fonts to Outlines Converter Description

IntelliPDF CURVES is a unique easy-to-use plug-in for Adobe Acrobat that converts fonts into outlines (curves or paths) in PDF documents and resolves most of the pdf font problems and issues. There are several advantages of having text converted into curves using IntelliPDF Curves:

a) Increased options of editing pdf documents: You will be able to edit documents containing fonts that do not exist on your system or documents with fonts protected from editing without breaking any copyright laws.
“Missing Type 1 (or TrueType) fonts have been substituted with the default font. Fonts with foreign encodings have been re-encoded.” “Text in Type 3 or user defined fonts has been skipped.” Many designers encountered these error messages while trying to edit PDF documents. Converting fonts into curves allows you to edit any document, even documents containing fonts that do not exist on your system. Besides that, it allows you to modify documents with fonts protected from editing without breaking any copyright laws.

b) Trouble free printing of the documents: You don't have to worry about printer's software recognizing fonts contained in your document or an original font being substituted by another font while printing the document. By converting fonts into curves you will eliminate the above mentioned problems; everything will look and print correctly.

c) Avoidance of possible lawsuits: There are numerous PDF documents out there that use fonts illegally: users embedded (knowingly or unknowingly) copyrighted fonts in their documents that they didn't have permissions for. These are potential lawsuits waiting to happen. Adobe ignored font licensing when embedding fonts until Acrobat 4 came out. But only font software is protected by U.S. Copyright law. So by converting fonts into curves you will legally use any font, to be exact font's outlines that you want to be contained in your document.

d) Increased security: Having text converted into curves in a PDF prevents text contents of the document from being copied. It's a well known fact that there are workarounds to copy PDF documents protected from copying, but when the text is converted into curves there's nothing left to copy. It also can protect custom designed fonts or corporate fonts from being extracted from the documents and used by other parties.

Limitations of DEMO version:

1) Converts only text on the current page of the document;

2) Converted page is "Demo" watermarked;

3) Converted document is protected from editing.


Full version of Adobe Acrobat 5.0 and up is required.


The IntelliPDF CURVES Plug-in will not convert:

a) documents with a 40-bit encryption level and "No Changing the Document" or "No Content copying or Extraction, Disable Accessibility" options checked;

b) documents with a 128-bit encryption level and "General Editing, Comment and Form Field Authoring" option NOT checked;

The IntelliPDF CURVES Plug-in might have problems converting documents with corrupted page content which is being rejected by Adobe Acrobat editing tools.

$249 US Dollars

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